About me

What instruments does an artist have while creating an abstract painting? Only colors, forms and rhythm help the painter to depict his emotions and feelings. However, author allows the audience to be initiative. He stands back opening his soul and gives the audience the opportunity to see and understand his painting.

Nadezhda Pashkevich introduces elements of figuration very gently in her art works. She does it smoothly and softly. It seems that Nesvizh castle appears in some dreams. You can only guess that it is there, but when you see it, it creates absolutely different atmosphere and gives new emotions in comparison with the art works without figurative elements.

All paintings strongly demonstrate individuality of the author and are very informative: they show her understanding of the world and have strong energetics.

Basing on her feelings arising while she creates a painting, Nadezhda creates a color spot of the particular tonality that grows into figures, details (figurative elements), feelings and emotions (non-figurative elements) like "Glimpse from the inside of the painting" and "Emptiness inside".

All art works have a combination of shapelessness of figures and brightness of colors reminding light effects as "Two energies". There is an unusual change of cold and warm tone modulations in the "Dance" painting. The balance of colors and lines is worth noticing in the paintings like "Two halves of the soul" and "Flight of the soul".

Generally speaking all paintings are very harmonic and gentle. They make you dreamy and thoughtful, but at the same time they are emotional and fascinating.

Elena Ivanovna Sukhodolova

Manager of "Vilnius" gallery

I was born in one of the most beautiful places in Belarus – Polesie, in Stolin District, Rubel village, Brest region in 1986. I had my own understanding of nature and life from my very early years. I was especially interested in artists, their biographies and thoughts. And where does the art come from? I was interested in fashion design and dreamed to become Coco Chanel from my early years. When I was 7 years old, I loved to draw clothes. I used to close the door and draw dresses from early morning till late evening. It grew into passion to the art and a dream to become a designer when I was 11 years old. I did not think of becoming a painter. It turned out spontaneously. Only words "Fashion designer" sounded in my head and I thought I could not be anyone else, so I had hundreds and hundreds of fashion collections. I decided to study in an art school.

When I studied in Kobrin State Art Vocational College (2004 – 2006), I began to treat and feel pictorial art in a different way. Fashion was slowly vanishing and the pictorial art had replaced it. All painters interested me. My favorite ones were Alexei Savrasov, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh. To become a painter was castles in the air for me. After illness I felt strong passion to paint and understood the sense of my life. Individual themes for paintings were created by the end of my studies at college. I formed my individual style and became interested in painters of the School of Paris (Amedeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine, etc.). I made steps to my dream every year one by one – to my first solo exhibition.

My favorite theme is showing the state of the soul, what happens inside of it, its feelings and emotions. Movement and energy lines appear on the paintings. I take my inspiration from the love I feel, like every painter does, and like every one of us. I want to make the spectators feel what is inside of them and their souls, understand what their souls want and follow their call. And if I reach this goal and they feel it, nothing is more delightful for me than that.